Animation Tutorials and Webinars

It's been about a year since I stumbled onto this site. I first began with some of his tutorials and then was introduced to his webinars. I began watching the way that he animates first in 2D in Flipbook and then brings that into Maya. For me it put alot of the animation principles into perspective in ways that I had not been looking at them before. These tutorials seem to help me realize the complexities of animation and how to break them down so that it is not just what I am focusing on but also to remember why I animate. Why do I spend all of this time consuming my life with all things animation? For the passion! While following Jason Ryan's site it has brought with it... passion. I actually have fun learning new ways to animate and always trying to better my workflow. Of course everyone is going to have their own BUT, if you can learn something new it will only help your animation. So take a look check them out and maybe even try one out.

So enjoy your animating!

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