Helpful Animation Mel Scripts

So in this post I thought that I should speak up about a couple of great Mel scripts that are out there to help us animators along in the process. Hey anything that can make our life even a tad bit easier is always appreciated. So the first is the Tween Machine by Justin Barret and the shelf icons were created by Keith Lango. This is a great tool to help us along inbetweening our animation. It is not a substitute to actually doing it rather a tool to help us get the job done faster. There are many setting and it can be a very valuable tool so read up on it on the site. The other is the autotangent tool created by Comet-Cartoons. It's under the Mel Script Suite there. There are plenty of good tools included in the suite and they list them on the site. The autotangent tool allows you to get the right curve on your tangents after the blocking stage. Many animators have different work flows that work for them from pass to pass. This tool allows you to have better control over your tangents so that there is no or less overshoot as compared to when you use spline. It allows you to have a bit more control over your tangents instead of leaving them to the computer AHHH. These scripts are all for maya. Although Comet-Cartoons has ones for Max. There are also many other helpful scripts at Highend 3D you can check out.
Let me point you in the direction for the scripts I mentioned.

The TweenMachine here

Autotangent here


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