Building Overlapping Action in your Breakdowns

So I always go back to look at different tutorials on many of the sites and blogs that I follow. Even if I believe that I have a good understanding of certain principles it is always good to go back and revisit them. Just like Keith Lango did on his workflow of breakdowns. Much to his credit, Keith revisited an earlier tutorial that he wrote titled Pose to Pose- Organized Keyframe tutorial. As animators, we are always learning and growing in our craft. The more we animate, the more we practice, the more we learn about this amazing process. What we thought might have worked for us earlier, as it may well have, the more we simplify and perfect our workflow. In this case Keith has done just that as he writes in this follow up tutorial titled Breakdowns Can be Such a Drag (building better overlaps in breakdowns). He goes on to compare his earlier views and techniques with a new and revised one based on more experiance and practice. Not only is it a good tutorial in building overlap into your breakdowns but he is able to show a clear diffrenece in the two different types of workflow. As as animator, I am always trying to perfect my passion with time practice and knowledge. It is not always this easy and clear on how we do this but this tutorial is a great example of that. So check it out and also check out the rest of his tutorials keithlangotutorials. Here it is.


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