New Round of Jason Ryan Webinars

I wanted to write a quick note to let everybody know that there is a new round of Jason Ryan Webinars starting this month. I have participated in all of them for the last year and let me just say that it has been an amazing experience. It only cost 100 bucks and is probably one of the greatest investments that you will get throughout your animation career. The last year has been invaluable in terms of learning process and workflow. Jason Ryan's webinars have both taught and inspired me to keep animating and always strive to get better. If you are weary of spending the money he has plenty of resources online to help show you what he is about before you commit to it. First you can check out his tutorials. Then you can go to his webinar site and he has free Rampup downloads which will help you understand what he is about. You can also view the highlights of the entire year of this last round of webinars here. You might ask, "What if you can't make the webinar?", well I then would say that he makes all the webinars downloadable when you sign up. He also provides resources with the shots to help make it easy if you want to go ahead and try the shots yourself. Check his site out and even get some free goodies like wallpapers. It has been a great ride so far and I am truly excited to see what is in store for the next year.

Enjoy and I'll see ya there!

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