Some More Helpful Tools for us Animators

This site has been on Animators Resource since the beginning...but a friend recently called my attention back to it. There are a few tools on this site that can be super helpful to animators so I thought I should highlight them. As animators we always have issues with parenting objects. Well Paolo Dominici's site offers some solutions. He has developed a ZV Parent Master. It allows you to parent and unparent at will. Parent multiple object and see all of this in your timeline. The best part is that its free! He gives a demo of it on his site too. You can also get it on Highend 3D here. He also has developed a ridicules GUI picker for characters. He has multiple demos of it on his site or click here. It will be a way to help speed up your animation and we all know anything helps. He has a list of other products as well. Check them out.


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