In Honor of Veterans Day

So in honor of Veterans Day, I thought that I would post some shorts just having any military connection. All of them are not what we would usually honor the military for but they are all military related and all animated! So I think that just watching some shorts about the service on VDay is good.

The First... I first saw linked on Mark Mayerson's Blog. It's called Germans in The Woods done by the Rauch Brothers. If you check out the page, it actually tells alot about the story behind the short and is a great switch to just watching and forming your own storyline.

The next is one I watched a long time ago and has great characters and good camera work. It's called Hold The Line. "It's an animation about four soldiers marching through the remains of a ruined world. Discipline keeps them together. When they are ambushed by an invisible foe, the men come up with the ultimate tactic to take him out." That's from the site. Check out the seems to have won various awards and was first put together in 2005. It's a fun one!

The next one has also been out a while. It's called Fifty Percent Grey by Ruairi Robinson. I will let this one speak for itself but it's really well done. It shows you how you can make a good short film with virtually nothing but a good story.

And the last has also been around a while and has quite the following. It is a great film and really well done. It's called Fallen Art done by Platige Studios. You can download lots of freebies on this site but the one thing that you can't do is watch the film?? So you have to go to the companies site to check it out here. There is a small intro to the short here. So check it out.

Happy VDAY and hope you enjoyed. You can also check these films out under the Short Films category on the right along with some great others.

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