Jason Schleifer and Rigging for Animators

He is a great animator that also has extensive knowledge in rigging. Specifically rigging for animators! I know doesn't that sound great! He has recently posted on his site shhhLIFE, about a new Automated version of the rigs that he developed here. He explains why he supports this and I think it is a very selfless act on his part. He has a great DVD bundle found on his site under the STORE tab. You can also get the Animator Friendly Rigging Part 1 on the Autodesk site here. I have talked with many of my rigging friends and they all have said it is a great system. I myself have done some rigging and am planning on checking these out.

So cruise his site and enjoy what he has to offer in skill and knowledge of the process we all enjoy.
The drawing come courtesy of the Squeeze Studio site.


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