How to Modify Norman Rig: Modification Tutorials

Hey Everyone

A good friend of mine pointed me to this blog coming to us from the Academy of Art University. It seems to be started as an Animation Forum for them. I know by now most us us have used or at least seen the Norman Rig (click for previous post on Norman Rig) that they released last year. It's amazing and there is so many different variations of it. Did you ever wonder how??? Well there is some posts on the site that explain just to modify the Norman Rig.

There is three parts:

Part 1 of the Norman Modification Workshop

Part 2 of the Norman Modification Workshop

Part 3 of the Norman Modification Workshop

These are some quick and easy ways to spice him up and doesn't seem to be all that complicated for a great and different end result. Also check out the rest of the AAU Animation Forum for some good animation content.

Also Animation Buffet has a link to download Norman and shows some great ways to modify him.
Check it out here.


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