Blog Highlight: Mike Nguyen

So I guess my first thought when surfing this blog was WOW! My next thought...Why haven't I seen this blog yet?

So with those thoughts let me guide you guys over there. Mike Nguyen has a blog called Rainplace.
There are so many great post on here that I will not begin to tell you too look at just one, but rather take some time and look at lots of great posts about animation.

I will however let you know about a couple. One post on Phrasing, Mike talks about force in animation and breaks it down like:

"‘Feel’ by transferring this very abstract sense of force to an equivalent in sound, or by the use of hand or body movement to mimic, reading scene’s rhythm, spotting its ebbs and flows in pause places, speeding up, constant, slow down; and then divide them into short phrases (like a melody line or ways of spoken words)."


He has two more follow up post on Phrasing as well and a great post on Squash and Stretch.
He also is making a feature film called My Little World. You can also take some classes if your so inclined as he teaches up at CalArts.

Squash and Stretch

So take a look around and enjoy!

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