Website Highlight: Mark C. Harris

I am not sure who has hit this site before and while making your way down my long list of animator's websites but, I have been visiting and re-visiting his site for years now.

This is the 2nd website highlight that I have done and another well deserved. Mark C. Harris is another great animator brought to us by Pixar. He was at Blue Sky for 3 years and then went over to Pixar. Under his animation tab he has some goodies there. His stuff from Horton and Ice Age are there but what I find myself going back to are his tests that he did with the old Hogan Rig that have stood the test of time. Even though these tests especially his acting are years old I still look at them and am just as impressed as the 1st time I saw them. Maybe even more now?

So head on over and check his site out and oh yeah you can frame through them since they are nicely in Quicktime.


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