Squash and Stretch in Animation: Follow Up

It's been a while since I posted the "Squash and Stretch (Part 1)" from The Temple of Seven Golden Camels. So I just wanted to follow up with Part 2 and now Part 3 of the Squash and Stretch.

Part 2 talks about Squash and Stretch in your drawings...it reminded me of the post I did on "Posing in Animation" when I talked about the Complex vs Simple shapes in your posing. Interesting stuff.

And then on to Part 3 this really talks about using Squash and Stretch as part of the caricature in the animation. Almost knowing how far you can push a character before the audience notices.

Check it out some... good info. I am constantly learning how to use Squash and Stretch correctly and also when not to use it. I think as with most of the Animation Principles your understanding of them and how to use them will evolve as you evolve in animation.


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