A couple of Great Podcast: ParaNorman and Tangled

Animation Podcast has just put up the "Unofficial Commentary" for Tangled. There has been a bit of a hiatus from the podcast over there and because of your the readers bugging Clay Kaytis every time you see him about when there will be a new podcast, he sat down the Disney Animators for commentary on Tangled. The idea is to sit down with your copy of Tangled and listen to the podcast as you watch...pretty sweet.

And you can also head on over to Speaking of Animation and check out a podcast all about ParaNorman. They got a chance to sit down with co-directors Chris Butler, Sam Fell, and Lead Animator/Producer Travis Knight, to discuss being an Animator and some of the creative process behind Story and Character.

So enjoy these two different Podcast! Great stuff!

also check out another interview with Clay Kaytis about Tangled

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