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So I have had the pleasure of getting onto the Rhino House site recently and wow...I didn't realize what I have been missing. I mean back a few years ago I bought The Human Motion Show, and has always been my go to for ref if I needed it. Getting onto their site now is a whole new realm and since the DVD they have upgraded a ton of new features. They have since added all of their DVD libraries to the site. So I'm going to give you all a bit of a review and hope it helps in your decisions.

When you enter there are lots of areas to choose from:

You can see all of the pictorial categories you can choose from and it even has them by animal. Once you click on one you then enter the Motion Library (I picked the squirrel).

You can see all of the areas to choose from within the Motion Library and this is within any Animal or Human (Behavior, Locomotion, Visuals, and Bonus).

I then chose Locomotion and clicked on a walk, which there were 18 different clips for walks. All the clip were different ranging in close-up to far away, front or back and of course profile.

You can see all of the different settings and the tools you can use. An amazing set of playback options made for an animator. Seems like it was meant for us oh wait it was. I have it set in this pic on Onion so that just like in 2D when you had your lightbox turned on you can see the previous frame, so as you frame by frame you can get a real sense of the posing. Amazing! You can adjust your speeds, add some markers and even set up Guides if you want. Plenty of tools to choose from.

If you find that you really want one of the video you can click on the download button and get the clip for a buck.

Here are a couple of videos that about the is an Intro and the other explains some of the Tools I mentioned.

Rhino House from Rhino House on Vimeo.

Hopefully this helped give all of you a good glimpse of the site and all of the wonderful Video Resources that are waiting. You can check out the site here and subscriptions here. Thanks again to the folks at Rhino House...great stuff!


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