New Rig: Günter

Günter is a brand new rig created by Long Winter Studios. This rig is super Animator Friendly and really appealing! I was able to play around with him and started doing a test...tons of fun! He has simple and clear controls to help you get the best out of your animations. He is being offered directly on the Long Winter Studios site and over on Creative Crash. I've used a facial setup up very similar in feature film and really fell in love with it. While this Facial setup is totally custom, it really brings the quality of the rig to a high level and with only help in animators communicating their ideas clearly and will great appeal. Check out the quick AnimTest and the Facial Demo below.

Gunter Animation Reel from Long Winter Studios on Vimeo.

Gunter Rig Reel from Long Winter Studios on Vimeo.

This rig has more than enough to create anything from the most cartoony animation to the most sobering. I particularly am digging the easy Sliders on the face that help you get your mouth shapes quickly and easily.

 Günter's features include:
-Advanced IK Spine
-Ik/Fk Switching on arms/legs (locational snapping)
-Ik/Fk fingers
-Arm/Leg benders
-Stretchy everything!
-Lip Seal
-Eye Scalers
-Hand/Leg Scalers
-Squash and stretch on all major facial features
-Eye lids follow eyes slider

and tons of other great features!

Have a look and head on over to get it!

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