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If you haven't seen or heard about RGBnotes then you're in for a treat. I've had the pleasure of working with Eriks Vitolins the creator of RGBnotes back at RnH Studios and he is multifaceted in both animation and tech. He was able to help develop tools for us animators over there and to this day I haven't seen much better.  

Eriks has been on this venture now to create RGBnotes as a way for not only animators but artists from all areas, to be able to share work, get feedback and give feedback using some amazing tools to do so. After been given some access to the site and a demo, I really feel that animators and artists can use this as their go to set of tools for review and feedback. I see schools, professionals and studios hopping on board to help their artists easily create the best content possible with the set of Tools RGBnotes offers.

Check of some of the features and the Demo's below and don't forget to visit the links to keep up-to-date on the progress and news coming out of the site.

RGBsketch: Video Review and Annotation from RGBnotes on Vimeo.

RGBsketch: Quick Animation Demo from RGBnotes on Vimeo.


Full Description
We are artists, building tools for artists.

RGBnotes is aims to assist artists around the world to create, share and collaborate with the most powerful tools available.

RGBnotes is an web-based service where members can store and share visual media intended for review.  Currently we provide powerful annotation tool "RGBsketch" is used to streamline communication over high-res imagery and video.  We hope our tools enhance the creative process for collaborators near and far.

Our navigation provides a familiar "inbox-like" interface, but unlike email our content is centralized and shared with given permission.  We also have upcoming project-based tools for larger groups to share and communicate quickly & privately as a team.

Security and privacy are very important to us. We aim to provide security that can be trusted by studios, professionals, freelancers and students alike.  We take extensive measures to protect our members' media.   All media access requires a login and specific permission.  All navigation is encrypted via SSL.  On top of that, all links to stored media are obscured and tucked away from prying eyes.

Links and Info



For further information, please contact Eriks Vitolins


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